Since Whitecross Secondary Boys' School was established in 1955, our school has been a hub of learning and fond memories for countless students who have passed through our doors, first at Baggallay Street, and since 2006, at Three Elms Road.

Whether you attended in those early days or more recent years, we invite you to share your school memories with us; perhaps you had a favourite lesson or an event that left a lasting impression on you.  Maybe you are pursuing a successful career, furthering your education or exploring new passions, we want to hear about your achievements and milestones.

By joining our new alumni network, you will have the opportunity to reconnect with old classmates, stay updated on school news and events, and contribute to the ongoing legacy of Whitecross.  We look forward to hearing from you and welcoming you back into the fold of our school community.

Please update us with your news by emailing the Whitecross Alumni

Celebrating 70 Years in 2024-2025!

Whitecross will be celebrating 70 years in the next academic year.  News of events planned throughout the year will be share here and on our social media sites.