Senior Prefect Team Welcome

Hello and a warm welcome from the Senior Prefect Team at Whitecross. 

We play an integral role within the daily life of school by communicating essential information between staff and the wider body of prefects.  Our role encompasses a range of responsibilities such as supporting school events, managing daily rotas, hosting our annual Achievement Evening in July and meeting regularly with our School Council to develop and improve areas of the school.

"Being Head Boy has helped me to develop as a leader, giving me skills which I know I will use in my future life when I leave Whitecross."     - Sam, Head Boy

Whitecross Hereford High School - Senior prefect team 2023-24

"This role has helped improve my confidence and allowed me to make a positive difference to others within the school.  I have learnt new skills, such as public speaking and have developed resiliency and gained experience of leadership."     - Savanna, Deputy Head Girl