Uniform and Equipment


We know from extensive research that getting the little things right creates an environment where learning is easier and students are more focused. A school with high expectations is more likely to be a place where students do well. By removing as many barriers as possible we believe we can focus on learning more easily. Our priority is to improve the learning of students so that they get the best possible grades when they leave.

Equipment (required daily)

Two black pens, one green pen, a highlighter pen.  A pencil, an eraser, a ruler.  A reading book, refillable water bottle, rucksack.

Equipment also required daily and available to purchase from school includes:

A whiteboard with whiteboard pen.  Scientific calculator.  School planner.

The Uniform

Our uniform is currently available from:

Monkhouse, 10A St Peter’s Street, HR1 2LE           Clubsport, 4 Bewell Street, HR4 0BH (for PE kit only)

The Whitecross PTFA have pre-loved uniform available for a small donation from school.  Items are listed on social media.

Please note, the Whitecross logo has been approved for use by Monkhouse and Clubsport only.

  • Light blue polo shirt with the blue Whitecross logo, or a plain white long-sleeved shirt with academy coloured tie.
  • Prefects at Key Stage 4 may wear a plain white shirt with their Prefect tie, or a red Prefect polo shirt with Whitecross logo.
  • Tailored plain black trousers. Leggings and denim trousers are not allowed.
  • Skirt with Whitecross logo, worn at an appropriate length.
  • Black ‘V’ necked sweater or black cardigan with the blue Whitecross logo.
  • An apron for Design Technology.
  • Thick black tights or black, white or grey socks.
  • Sensible, completely black shoes with low heels.  Please be advised that Health and Safety regulations may prevent your child from taking part in Design Technology if they are not wearing appropriate footwear.
  • Coats should be suitable for keeping the rain, wind and cold out on a walk to school.
The PE Kit

Boys with logo

Boys without logo

Girls with logo

Girls without logo

Short sleeved PE top Football boots Short sleeved PE top Non marking soled training shoes
Rugby shirt Non marking soled trainers Quarter zip sweatshirt Shin pads, gum shield
Shorts Shin pads, gum shield Leggings (optional) Navy/sky blue long sports socks
Track pants (optional) A towel (optional) Track pants (optional) A towel (optional)

Navy/sky blue long sports socks

Short white indoor socks

Shorts (optional)

Football boots for clubs

All items of clothes, including bags and equipment, must be clearly marked with the student’s full name. 

Additional information

Make-up - Discreet make up is allowed only in Years 10 and 11. No make-up is allowed in Years 7, 8 or 9.  False nails and false eye lashes are not permitted.  Nail varnish should not be visible.

Jewellery - Jewellery is limited to one pair of small stud earrings.  Hooped ear rings, stretchers and facial piercings are not permitted. Students may wear one charity band and a watch.  Smart watches may not be worn during exams or assessments. 

Hair - Hair colour should be of a natural hair colour.