All Whitecross students are set homework on a regular basis.  We use Satchel One for homework where parents and Form Tutors are able to monitor students progress.

In Key Stage Three (Years 7 – 9) students are recommended to spend approximately an hour each evening on homework, up to 12 hours per fortnight.  They will work on memorising key knowledge that links to lessons and use revision resources such as flash cards and quizzes.

Homework increases for students in Key Stage Four (Years 10 and 11) when we recommend a total of 20 hours per fortnight.  As well as memorising of key knowledge, students may be asked to work on coursework, exam practice and revision for exams.

To assist students with managing their homework, the school has a session of ‘prep’ for all students in Years 7-10, from 2.35pm-3.30pm (excluding Fridays).