2018 - 2019

Senior Leadership Team

Mr Tim Knapp     Headteacher
Dr Rob Patterson     Deputy Headteacher
Mr Mark Desborough     Deputy Headteacher
Mr Alex Tootell     Assistant Headteacher
Mrs Sue Lusted     School Business Manager

Bromley (Green) Humanities, Modern Foreign Languages and Citizenship

Mr Darren Braithwaite     Learning Manager
Mrs Hazel Watson     Assistant Learning Manager
Mrs Selina Griffiths     Subject Leader Humanities
Mrs Alysoun Fenn     Subject Leader Modern Foreign Languages
Mrs Catherine Ede     Humanities i/c History
Mrs Emily Clark     Humanities
Mrs Karen Wassell     Humanities
Mrs Verity Lacey     Humanities
Miss Holly Searle     Humanities (maternity cover)
Mr Mike Fowler     Languages
Mrs Stephanie Richardson     Languages
Mrs Lorna Woolley     Languages (part time)
Mrs Jacqui Marriner     Vocational Education including CEG Manager

Hagloe (Yellow) Science and Compliant Materials

Mrs Julia Steras     Learning Manager
Mrs Gaynor Kendall     Assistant Learning Manager & Subject Leader Science
Mrs Ann Mince     Subject Support Science
Mr Alex Holmyard     Lead Science Teacher
Mr Adam Powell     Science and Teaching & Learning Advocate
Miss Joanne Woolley     Science
Miss Danielle Evans     Science
Mrs Isobel Williams     Compliant Materials
Mrs Lesley Marrett     Compliant Materials
Mrs Caroline Marsland     Senior Science Technician
Mrs Marie Fleet     Science Technician

Moyle (Red) Mathematics, ICT and Resistant Materials

Mr Foster Erwin     Learning Manager
Mrs Sally Akers-Jones     Assistant Learning Manager
Mr Lloyd Rickards     Subject Leader Mathematics
Miss Christina Beard     Subject Leader Resistant Materials
Ms Catherine Lewis     Subject Leader ComIT
Mr Paul Fletcher     Subject Support Mathematics
Mrs Katherine Stone-Fewings     Resistant Materials
Miss Natalie Burton     Mathematics & Training Coordinator Maths/Mastery
Miss Briony Dee     Mathematics
Miss Pamela Moody     Mathematics
Mrs Bonnie Smith     Mathematics (part time)
Mr Russell Bridgewater     Mathematics
Mr Matthew Bayley     Mathematics
Mr Jez Wright     Technology Technician

Styre (Blue) English and Creative Arts

Mr Nick Harriman     Learning Manager
Mr Tim Pitcher     Assistant Learning Manager
Mrs Alex Mynors     Subject Leader English
Mrs Samantha Davies     Subject Support English
Ms Nicola Wormington     Subject Support Creative Arts/Teaching & Learning Advocate (part time)
Mrs Kate Varey     Literacy Lead
Mr Gethin Thomas     English
Mrs Katie Simpson     English (part time)
Ms Ruth Pilcher     English
Miss Sophie Bray     English (Maternity Cover)
Miss Jemma Gromadzki     Creative Arts - Drama
Mr Russell Burrows     Creative Arts - Drama (maternity cover)
Mrs Zoe Brittlebank     Creative Arts - Music
Mrs Emma Hart     Creative Arts (part time)

Student Services and SEN

Mrs Michelle Giampalma     SENCo & Learning Manager
Mrs Yvette Rees     Second in Student Services
Mrs Debbie Goodall     Assistant SENCo
Mrs Charlotte Matravers     Behaviour Support Worker
Mrs Katie Horne     EAL Coordinator
Mrs Lorraine Lewis     Welfare Coordinator
Mrs Sue Keswick     Study Support Coordinator
Mrs Sue Smith     Family Support Worker
Miss Dawn Swain     Attendance Coordinator
Mrs Louise Beddoes     Student Information Manager
Mrs Carolyn Howells     Librarian
Mrs Magda Boucher, Mrs Sarah Davis and Mrs Julia Honnor     Learning Advisers
Mrs Jo Blair, Mrs Ewa Harvey and Mrs Bonnie Smith (part time)    Higher Level Teaching Assistants
Mrs Jackie Thomas, Mrs Liz Turner and Mrs Flo Wrigley    Higher Level Teaching Assistants
Mrs Gemma Clark, Mrs Gail Daniel, Miss Eva Rowberry, Mr George Winter and Miss Patti Woods    Teaching Assistants
Mr Andrew Sims, Mrs Claire Swain, Miss Amy Taylor and Miss Phillipa Yarranton    Cover Supervisors
Mrs Pam Jones and Mrs Joan Sutton     Lunch Supervisors

Physical Education

Mr David Griffiths     Subject Leader
Mrs Tracy Fletcher     Subject Support PE
Mrs Mel Radnor     Primary Sport Coordinator
Miss Jade Powell     Subject Support PE (maternity cover)/Teaching & Learning Advocate/Training Manager
Mr Cory Wood     PE
Mr Darren Braithwaite     PE
Mr Pete Knight     Stride Director (part time)
Miss Rebekah Williams     Stride Business Manager
Miss Emma Gardner     Stride Education Manager
Mr Kieram Hallam     School Games Organiser
Miss Lisa Criasa     Leadership, Health & Physical Activity Lead
Mr Ed Tong     Teaching Assistant

Business Operations

Mrs Claire McDougall     Personal Assistant to Headteacher
Mrs Carole Chichester     Examinations Officer
Miss Emma Blower     Data Manager
Mrs Sarah Wright     Finance Officer
Mrs Lyn James     Admin Assistant Media/Reprographics (part time)
Mrs Jessica Kingswood-Preece     Cover Co-ordinator/Admin Assistant
Ms Wendy Larkin     Receptionist
Mrs Sue Wright     Reprographics Technician (part time)
Mrs Anna Nugent     Clerk to the Governors

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