Personnel 2014 - 2015
  Mrs Denise Strutt Headteacher  
  Mr Timothy Knapp Deputy Head  
  Dr Robert Patterson Assistant Head  
  Mr Mark Desborough Assistant Head  
  Mrs Katie Horne Assistant Head  


Styre Academy (Blue) English and Creative Arts
Mr Nick Harriman Learning Manager    
Mrs Ann Clelland Assistant Learning Manager and Literacy Lead  
Miss Christine Farman Subject Leader English    
Mrs Ruth Morris Subject Support English    
Mr Gethin Thomas English    
Mr Tim Pitcher English    
Mrs Samantha Davies English    
Miss Joanna Woodbridge English    
Miss Nicola Wormington Subject Support Creative Arts / T&L Advocate  
Miss Jemma Gromadzki Creative Arts (Drama)    
Miss Zoe Alexander Creative Arts (Music)    
Mrs Sarah Davis Learning Coach    
Miss Mercedes Williams Cover Supervisor    
Mrs Joanne Blair HLTA    
Mr Matthew Bushkes TA / Creative Arts Technician  


Bromley Academy (Green) Humanities, MFL and Citizenship
Mr Darren Braithwaite Learning Manager    
Mrs Hazel Watson Assistant Learning Manager  
Mrs Selina Griffiths Subject Leader Humanities  
Mrs Louise Barker Subject Support Humanities  
Mrs Alysoun Fenn Subject Leader Modern Foreign Languages  
Miss Catherine Ede Humanities (History)  
Miss Emily Clark Humanities    
Mr Michael Fowler Languages    
Mrs Stephanie Richardson Languages    
Miss Lorna Woolley Languages    
Miss Julia Honnor Learning Coach    
Mrs Yvette Rees Cover Supervisor    
Mrs Jacqueline Thomas HLTA    


Hagloe Academy (Yellow) Science and Compliant Materials
Mrs Julia Steras Learning Manager    
Mrs Gaynor Kendall Assistant Learning Manager & Subject Leader Science
Mrs Jacquline Marriner Science and Vocational Education including CEG Manager
Mrs Amy Mulkern Science    
Miss Frances Williams Science    
Mr Paul Prouse Science    
Miss Isobel Williams Compliant Materials    
Mrs Lesley Marrett Compliant Materials  
Miss Emma Robertson Learning Coach    
Miss Rhiannon Jones Cover Supervisor    
Mrs Jacqueline Harris
Miss Katy Williams
Mrs Carol Bramley TA    
Mr Michael England Senior Science Technician  
Mrs Marie Fleet Science Technician    
Mrs Jacqueline Harris Compliant Materials Technician  


Moyle Academy (Red) Mathematics, ICT and Resistant Materials
Mr Foster Erwin Learning Manager    
Mrs Sally Akers-Jones Assistant Learning Manager and Subject Support ComIT  
Mr Lloyd Rickards Subject Leader Mathematics  
Miss Christina Beard Subject Leader Resistant Materials  
Ms Catherine Lewis Subject Leader ComIt    
Mr Paul Fletcher Subject Support Mathematics  
Mr Dennis Philpotts Resistant Materials and Student Achievement Manager
Mr Lukasz Rybarczyk Mathematics  
Miss Roxanne Snow Mathematics  
Mrs Jo Pritchard Mathematics  
Mrs Sara Longbottom Mathematics  
Mrs Jenny Hammond Mathematics  
Mrs Maggie Steel Mathematics  
Mrs Aimee Green Resistant Materials  
Mrs Karen Wassell ICT  
Mrs Magda Boucher Learning Coach    
Mrs Julianne Clark Cover Supervisor    
Mrs Gurmit Jutle
Mrs Bonnie Smith
Mr Jez Wright TA / Resistant Materials Technician  


Physical Education
Mr David Griffiths Subject Leader    
Mrs Tracy Fletcher Subject Support PE  
Miss Melanie Bryans Primary Sport Co-ordinator  
Mr David Woodward Training Manager/Director of Specialism  
Mrs Jade Watkins PE / T&L Advocate    
Mrs Michelle Giampalma PE
Mr Peter Reed PE (PT)    
Mr Pete Knight School Sport Development Manager  
Mr Liam Brewer School Games Organiser  
Mr Owen Gittoes PESSA  
Mr Peter Reed Cover Supervisor (PT)    


Student Support
Mr Andrew Leeming Learning Manager    
Mrs Jinny Cumiskey SENCO  
Mrs Lorraine Lewis Welfare Coordinator  
Mr Lyndon Morgan Attendance Coordinator  
Mrs Alison Durber Student Information Manager    
Mrs Susan Keswick Study Support Coordinator    
Mr Richard Rawlinson EBD Coordinator    
Mrs Jane Williams
Mrs Julia Ashton
Mrs Deb Goodall
Mrs Sue Smith
Mrs Flo Wrigley
Miss Amy Williams
Mrs Ewa Harvey
Miss Beth Baldwin TA    


Teacher Support
Mrs Carole Chichester Examinations Officer    
Mrs Carolyn Howells Library Manager  


Lunch Supervisors
Mrs Pam Jones Miss Debra Sutton  
Mrs Joan Sutton    


Business Operations
Ms Julie Higgs Bursar    
Mrs Maggie Pratt Personal Assistant to Headteacher  
Mrs Alison Pugh Data Manager  
Mrs Christina Stokes Marketing Manager  
Mrs Sarah Harris HR Support / Receptionist  
Mrs Helen Watson Receptionist and Administrative Assistant
Mr Tony Greenacre Media Administrative Assistant  
Mrs Sue Wright Reprographics Technician  
Mrs Lyn James Reprographics Technician  
Mrs Sharon Williams Finance Manager  
Mrs Karen Adams Finance Support Officer  
Mrs Anna Nugent Clerk to the Governors